For a new designer coming into the Bentley studio the ethos is simple: don’t try to conform to what you think we want. Your job is to tell us what we don’t know. Pure, bold, beautiful design is a core pillar of the Bentley DNA. Our challenge is to reimagine it in the age of electrification

Design at Bentley means working on a live project, making a difference to the actual product from day one. Ours is an intimate collaborative studio environment, and the creative culture it engenders radiates throughout the business. The Design team is responsible for creating everything from the initial concept to the final design, including exterior and interior design, UX and colour, materials and finish. We’re privileged to see our work realised through the highest craftsmanship and finest materials.


  • ‘I can’t imagine another role where I’d experience this much variety while also working at such a high level’

    Chris Cooke, Lead Designer, Product

    ‘I’ve been lucky enough to gain experience in a handful of roles within the Design Studio since joining Bentley, starting out in colour and trim before shifting my focus onto interior design. During that time I worked on the new Bentayga, and then my design for the interior of the MY17 Mulsanne was selected. That was the first time I took a product from a first sketch all the way through to a car being launched, and during that process you’re involved in everything, interacting with every single department in the business. Even after the car leaves the production line, you get the chance to go and meet customers to give your advice on colours and specification.

    ‘Eventually I got the call-up to do something a bit different in this current role designing Bentley lifestyle products. The job is just so varied – one day I’ll be working on golf clubs, the next I’ll be designing skis, then furniture, then jewellery, so it’s a really eclectic mix of design styles and disciplines. I’m constantly having to learn, and that ever-changing diversity really helps to keep me on my toes.

  • ‘At Bentley, I’m always working with the best materials, the most prestigious partners and the most knowledgeable people, which means that no product we create is ever half-baked. Everything is always as good as it can possibly be. The processes for building the cars have been matured and honed over more than 100 years, so when you pull other products into that, the same thing happens – the level of craftsmanship and quality speaks for itself.

    ‘I’ve got to the point where I can just pick up a pen, draw something and know that it’ll have that Bentley DNA – that the feeling and the flow of the lines will be just right. Getting to that point takes time, but it helps that you’re constantly interacting with the cars, and even some of the heritage cars. From a design point of view, we never want to be restrained by the brand’s history, but it’s crucial that it is always respected.

  • ‘Last year was my tenth at Bentley, which is insane because when I joined the company I never had a specific plan to stay for that long. I just can’t imagine a role in another company where I’d experience this much variety while also working at such a high level. At Bentley we’re always looking for new things to develop the brand and ecosystem beyond the car, so exciting new projects are constantly dropping onto my desk – and as a designer, I can’t ask for more than that.’

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Product and Lifestyle Design Manager Design Crewe, GB 27-May-2023
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