When do applications open and close?

For our Undergraduate and Graduate programmes, the application window is from October to December, with assessments then taking place throughout January and February. For Apprenticeships, we begin taking applications during National Apprenticeship week in February.

However, our Early Careers programmes are extremely popular, and these timelines are always subject to change depending on how many applications we receive. If you are interested in any of our programmes, it’s important to keep an eye on our Careers website and sign up to the mailing list to ensure you don’t miss out!

How can I sign up to the mailing list to keep track of when applications open?

You can sign up to receive job alerts from us by creating a candidate profile on our Careers Website and then switching on job alerts under ‘Options’. This way, you’ll never miss the opportunity to apply when our Programmes open! Additionally, if you would like to receive marketing emails with jobs that we think you may be interested in, just click the tick box next to ‘Hear more about career opportunities’ when creating your profile.

How can I apply for a Work Experience programme?

Applications for our Work Experience programme for Summer 2022 are now open. Students must be 16 years old to be eligible, and must have finished their academic term by Monday 18th July when the work experience will begin. This will be held on site for one week only, other dates are unavailable. To apply, email earlycareers@bentley.co.uk. You will be sent our application form which you will need to complete and send back before the deadline. For our 2022 programme, the deadline is July 4th. 

What qualifications do I need to have to apply?

The criteria for selection is outlined in the ‘About the Person’ section of the advert. There are minimum entry requirements for each Programme. For Undergraduates and Graduates, candidates must have achieved or be on track to achieve a 2:1 in a relevant degree subject alongside a pass in Maths and English at GCSE. For Degree Apprenticeships, candidates need three A-Levels (or equivalent e.g. BTEC) at a grade C or above.  For Higher and Intermediate Apprenticeships, qualifications can vary but at the minimum we require GCSE’s at level 3/D in Maths and English. 

Can I apply for a Degree Apprenticeship if I already have a degree?

As long as you do not hold a degree in the subject offered by the apprenticeship, then you can apply. For example, if you hold a degree in Engineering and you wish to apply for a Project Management Degree Apprenticeship, then this is acceptable. However, if you were applying for the Engineering Degree Apprenticeship, we would be unable to proceed with your application.

Can my parent inquire about my application on my behalf?

No, we cannot respond to enquiries or applications from anyone who is not the candidate themselves, including parents or relatives. If you want to discuss your application, either check the status by logging into your profile on the Careers Site or get in contact with the Talent Acquisition team directly.

Which role is best for me?

It’s always good to have your target career path in mind when applying for a programme. Considering what you enjoy, what you want to explore in a career and also what aligns with your degree. For Apprenticeships, thinking about how your qualifications line up is also useful. Even try discussing with parents or guidance counsellors – they may have some useful insight on what would be best for you. 

How and where do I apply?

We take all of our applications through our Careers Website. To apply, make a profile and submit your application under ‘Search and Apply’.

What happens if I miss the application deadline?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications after the closing date. This is to allow the recruitment process to progress to the next stage and to ensure we do not have candidates at different stages with delays.

How can I prepare and improve my chances of success with my application?

We understand that not everyone will have experience at this stage, so we look for evidence that you have the motivation and initiative to perform well in the programme. You can show us you possess these qualities on your CV by including things like extra-curricular activities, roles of responsibility you’ve had and even courses or extra skills you’ve taken up. If you can reflect all this in your application, then it will serve you well throughout the process.

What can I expect from the assessments?

All our assessments are taking place remotely via Microsoft Teams. Assessments for the Early Careers Programme include a five-minute ‘elevator pitch’, a competency-based interview and a technical presentation – making the assessments an hour and a half in total. The elevator pitch is the first stage of the assessment in which you will have five minutes to give an overview of yourself and your fit for the role. It’s a great opportunity to pitch yourself to the assessors – and to get creative! The technical exercise comes after the interview, and is a fifteen-minute PowerPoint presentation where you will present on a topic related to the role. Both presentations are prepared in advance of the assessment, and are a great way to showcase to the assessors how your skills and knowledge fit the role.

How can I prepare for my interview?

To prep for our interviews, we always suggest reviewing the STAR method as a way of structuring your question responses. Becoming familiar with this method will allow your answers to remain clear throughout the interview, while also reminding you to focus not only on the ‘what’ you did but the ‘how’ you did. Also, take a look at our ‘Bentley Behaviours’ on our website. A lot of our interview questions are phrased to see how candidates align with these behaviours, so being familiar with these will give you a great idea of what the questions will look like.

When will I get feedback on my application?

We try to let you know the outcome of your application as soon as possible, though this can depend on the volume of applications we receive. You can always track the progress of your own application by logging into your profile on the Careers Site.



Why should I join a programme at Bentley?

Now is a better time than ever to join Bentley’s future talent community. With our mission to go fully electric and carbon neutral by 2030, you would become a part of the extraordinary innovation and excitement happening across the business now. During your programme, you will take charge of projects that can actually make a difference, while being a part of the employee values and culture that’s won us Top Employer status 11 years in a row. Getting the chance to work on our production lines and alongside colleagues from the wider VW group will also help you gain breadth and knowledge in your experience. In short, it really is an extraordinary programme!  

What support will I get once in the programme?

Every trainee at Bentley is treated as a member of the team, department and function in which they work as well as part of a broader network of trainees. Depending on the exact programme, there are a range of development opportunities – both technical and behavioural – and trainees can count on the support of their line manager, peers, buddies and the Early Careers team to build their own development journey.

What is the salary for the trainee programmes?

Salaries for trainees go alongside a number of other company benefits, including 35 days holiday (including bank holidays), contributory pension schemes, subsidised onsite catering facilities (including a Starbucks and Costa), flexible working hours, as well as access to our colleague car scheme for Graduates and Apprentices. The salaries for each programme are as follows:

Degree and Higher Apprenticeships: £21,883

Intermediate Apprenticeships: £19,893

Undergraduates: £19,893

Graduates: £31,200

If I do not live within commuting distance, will I need to consider relocation?

Yes, all of our trainee roles are based at our Crewe Headquarters, in Cheshire. You will be relocating with almost 200 apprentices, graduates and undergraduate students. Approximately 45 minutes from Manchester and Liverpool, Crewe also borders the towns of Nantwich and Chester, home to many restaurants, bars and shops. Where individuals need to relocate to the area, we offer support networks to help find rooms & accommodation and make new connections with our current trainees.

Can I work from home?

We are currently implementing hybrid working for most colleagues. This means 2-3 days a week working onsite and the rest of the week working from home. Though, some roles can only be done on site at the factory, such as manufacturing.

Where are apprenticeships delivered?

This depends on the apprenticeship in question. We select our training providers based on teaching quality, course content, delivery style and pattern and to some extent, location. As you can imagine, the provider for our Engineering Degree Apprenticeship differs from our Data Science Degree Apprenticeship. We try to ensure that the location of delivery is clear in the application process to ensure individuals can make informed choices.

Does Bentley pay for my study?

In short, if you are studying as part of an Apprenticeship (including Levy funded programmes which some Graduates undertake), then yes. Bentley supports your study with time off work, study fees and some travel and subsistence costs. There may also be other courses that your manager agrees will be beneficial for your role which are also supported.

What does work experience at Bentley look like during Covid?

We are currently working on a number of virtual insight days for 2022, to support students who want to learn all about Bentley. You can find more information about these on the Virtual Work Experience section of our Careers site.  

Will I get to drive a Bentley?

Some of our trainees do get to drive the product – this all depends on job role and whether it is required as part of your daily duties. This is not restricted to roles which have regular contact with the product however – roles in HR, Quality, Sales and Marketing and other areas have genuine reasons to drive the cars. What is certain is that all of our trainees will get to engage and interact with our products from day one – as we operate from one site in Cheshire you are never more than 500m from a Bentley!

 Will I be offered a graduate role after completing my undergraduate programme?

We do see many of our undergraduate students return to the company as graduates or permanent colleagues. The programmes provide an amazing development opportunity which set you up for future applications at both Bentley and other companies.

 Will I be offered a permanent position following the graduate programme or apprenticeship?

For apprentices and graduates who meet performance standards and complete any study requirements, we have a great track record of progression into permanent roles in the business. This role is normally one that has been worked towards during the programme, but sometimes the business and the individual find that the skills set, passion or aptitude fits somewhere else in the business. Our programmes are designed to give breadth and depth of knowledge that allows this to happen.

 What resources are there to give me more of an insight into the brand and business?

There are a number of websites you can go to in order to find out more. You are on the first one! Take a good look around our Early Careers page and other parts of this website! Another great place to see what we do on a day to day basis is www.bentleymedia.com


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