Bentley is a relatively small company with its own unique brand and culture, but we are also part of one of the world’s biggest automotive businesses – with all the exciting opportunities and benefits that brings

When you begin your career journey with us you immediately become part of Bentley’s 4,000-strong team based in Crewe, sharing in the culture and values that are unique to our business.

But Bentley is not a small player in the global marketplace, it is one of the 12 automotive brands which make up VW Group – the world’s leading car maker. Our sister brands include Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda and Ducati, as well as commercial vehicle brands Scania, MAN and VW. Together these businesses employ 650,000 people across 125 locations on five continents.

For Bentley Colleagues this amazing organisation opens up literally a whole world of opportunities, including the potential to go on secondment with other brands as part of your own career journey. Many of our existing Colleagues have enjoyed such opportunities, benefitting from new experiences, learning different skills and enriching their personal as well as professional development.

The scale and breadth of this opportunity is a key reason why a career at Bentley can offer such a unique and extraordinary Colleague journey.

For the business itself the benefits of being part of VW Group can’t be overstated. We share synergies and technologies, allowing us to use the latest and best technology in our products and workplaces, as well as utilising the economies of scale enabled by a business of this size.

But far from being a fringe player in the VW Group team, Bentley is a leader too, and a designated centre of excellence within the Group for a variety of areas of innovation. These not only include what may be thought of as ‘traditional’ Bentley strengths such as wood and leather craft, but also in areas of engineering and technology. The skills and experience we have at Crewe are highly valued throughout the Group.