As we pursue our stated objective of becoming the leader in sustainable luxury mobility, our 80-year-old headquarters takes a bold step into the new age

Bentley’s home at Crewe has already been transformed into the UK’s only carbon neutral luxury car factory. Like the company itself, the site is undergoing a period of significant and rapid redefinition, which will make it a workplace truly fit for the 21st century.

A significant milestone in that journey came in December with the official opening of the new Bentley Campus, encompassing many of our industry-leading facilities.

It was an exciting moment, marking the culmination of years of planning, and was celebrated by a parade of Bentleys, new and old, driving down the iconic Pyms Lane, which traverses the site. The road is now closed to traffic, along with Sunnybank Road, allowing the site to evolve further – and become an even more stimulating environment in which to work.

The campus is home to the new Engineering Test Centre and R&D building, both due for completion soon, which will be key to Bentley’s journey towards a sustainable future vision for luxury mobility.

‘We are accelerating our path to electrification and end-to-end carbon neutrality, and we can only achieve these ambitions through world-class facilities that elevate our status as the leader in sustainable luxury mobility,’ says Peter Bosch, Member of the Board for Manufacturing.

‘The creation of a campus, our continued, sustained investment in new R&D buildings, and the opportunities that now exist as part of a single site all give us the capacity to grow as we diversify our model range and look to evolve every aspect of our organisation for the future.’