Name: Theo Martinez
Studying: Business Analytics at Loughborough University
Role: HR Data Analyst Industrial Placement

What made you choose an Industrial Placement at Bentley? 

The prestige associated with Bentley was a major factor for me. The prospect of learning and contributing to such an iconic luxury brand was an opportunity that I couldn’t find elsewhere.

Additionally, Bentley’s dedication to creating a culture of continuous learning and development resonated strongly with me. The recognition of Bentley as a Top Employer further solidified my decision to apply for the placement scheme.

Could you share your experience of what it has been like for you so far at Bentley?

Bentley has offered me an enriching experience right from the beginning.

Attending my first Extraordinary Talk with the Salesforce UK & Ireland CEO was a true highlight, providing me with valuable insights about artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data.

Being involved in numerous impactful HR projects has been incredibly rewarding. The support from my team has been exceptional, creating an environment where I feel encouraged to learn and grow.

How was your transition into your placement role and what support did you get from the early careers team?

The transition into my placement role at Bentley was seamless. The induction week was not only informative, but also a great opportunity to connect with the other placement students and receive a clear roadmap for the year ahead.

The early careers team’s consistent support and open communication has been very meaningful and brought great confidence to my start at Bentley.

If you could offer advice to someone applying for placement or graduate roles at Bentley, what would you share from your journey?

If I were to offer someone advice, I would highly recommend understanding Bentley’s values and behaviours. Ensure to highlight any projects or extracurricular activities that demonstrate your passion for the role and alignment with Bentley’s behaviours. Lastly, always be remember to be yourself! Bentley values individuals who bring their authentic selves to the workplace and contribute their unique perspectives.

What aspects of Bentley have made your placement experience unique and enjoyable?

My experience has been truly exceptional, with several aspects contributing to this. However the standout for me has to be the people. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting has been incredible friendly, approachable and supportive. Their willingness to share knowledge and guidance has been greatly appreciated.

From your experience, what sets Bentley apart from other industrial placements in terms of supporting early career talent?

What makes Bentley unique in supporting early career talent is the freedom to shape your own learning experience. You’re truly in the driver’s seat, and encouraged to maximise the year to its fullest potential. Through having the opportunity to get involved in so many activities and take control of your learning, it really sets Bentley apart.