Colleagues were joined by Surfability UK, a Community Interest Company that provides surfing lessons and experiences for people with disabilities, illness, injury or learning difficulties. 

How have Bentley and Surfability UK collaborated previsously?

We have supported Surfability UK as part of our “Belonging Bentayga” campaign through Culted Magazine. We gave Culted the keys to the “Belonging Bentayga” to drive to Swansea to catch up with Surfability UK. Surfability UK runs surf lessons at Caswell Bay all year round, alongside indoor skate lessons for surfers who find the winter water too cold. Culted were also there as Surfability UK prepared for the World Adaptive Surfing championships on November 5 at Pismo Beach in California.

Bentley has been supporting these athletes in the run-up to the competition as part of our “Belonging Bentayga” initiative. 

Surfability UK had the opportunity to share their videos with colleagues and host a Q&A session.

This also led to a fantastic announcement...

Bentley is going to sponsor five scholarship spaces for children through Surfability UK!

Why are we sponsoring Surfability UK?

These scholarships will enable Surfability UK to combine best practice from special education, health care, surfing and lifeguarding to make surfing as inclusive as possible. They cater to surfers' additional needs so they can get the most out of surfing while having a safe and really enjoyable experience.

How will Surfability UK decide who to sponsor?

Surfability UK will have conversations with all stakeholders and healthcare providers, and they will identify suitable candidates to partake in the scholarships. 

The scholarships are based on children who are:

  • Financially excluded (two children) 
  • Need rehab for brain injury 
  • A child who has a competitive promise as a professional para surfer
  • For mental/wellbeing improvement


If you would like to learn more about what Surfability UK do, take a look at their website, or watch the video here.