Name: Emily Ruscoe
Apprenticeship Level: Level 6 Degree Apprentice
Role: Plant Quality Engineer

What made you choose an apprenticeship at Bentley Motors?

Not only is Bentley a very respected and reputable company (consecutively being recognised as ‘Top Employer’), but of all the apprenticeships I looked at, the ones Bentley offered sounded the most exciting and rewarding.

I completed Work Experience with Aston Martin which gave me a flavour of the Automotive Industry but when deciding where to apply, Bentley stood out as being more suited to me by having more opportunities for me (and it helped that is was a little closer to home!).

Almost everything is on one site which really helps the experience of understanding the ins and outs of the company. It also increases the ability to do placements in different areas to build my knowledge and my network. It was clear to me that Bentley put a lot of dedication into their Early Careers programmes which made me sure it was the best choice for me.

Could you share your experience of what being an apprentice at Bentley is like?

Being an apprentice at Bentley is very rewarding and you are made to feel like a valuable member of your team. You are respected, trusted, and given responsibilities from the beginning.

I am supported by both my Manager and the Early Careers Team in my development and my apprenticeship journey. Both have encouraged me and helped my confidence grow, whether that be in helping me recognise my achievements, or pushing me outside my comfort zone.

As an apprentice, you are also given loads of development opportunities such as sprint workshops, masterclasses, and lots of chances to meet other Early Careers Colleagues, which have all been very beneficial to me throughout the program.

How did you find it settling into your role as an apprentice at Bentley?

I found settling into my role very smooth. All apprentices have an induction together on the first day which was great for meeting those in the same boat as you and it made the first day a lot less daunting. We were given plenty of opportunities to socialise and network with one another.

We were then introduced to our managers with a handover and were taken to our respective departments. Everyone in my department was welcoming and great at helping me settle in and begin learning.

I have found that the apprenticeship is well structured with a good level of flexibility which makes it easy for you to shape your development path in a way that works best for you. Along with my team in my home department, the Early Careers Team and other Early Careers Colleagues are always helpful and willing to support if it is needed.

If you could offer advice to someone applying for an apprenticeship at Bentley, what would you share from your journey?

I would encourage anyone applying for an apprenticeship at Bentley to focus on emphasising their skills that they can bring to the role. This is your moment to stand out and make Bentley want to hire you.

It is useful to have taken part in extracurricular activities such as sports, or Scouts and Guides, or any other volunteering. I found that this made it much easier to talk about the skills I had and have proof behind it.

Take some time to understand a bit about the company and understand Bentley’s values and what they are looking for in a successful candidate. This will help you tailor your application to the position you are applying for.

 Also familiarise yourself with the ‘STAR’ interview technique and spend time on preparation. I searched for example interview questions and noted what examples I could give for them and that made me much more confident with my answer when I was asked it in the interview. Interviews can be daunting, but the more prepared you are, the easier it will be.

Finally, be yourself.

What aspects of Bentley have made your Apprenticeship experience unique and enjoyable?

During my 2 and a half years so far at Bentley I have experienced an endless list of things and it could take me a while, so I’ll pick some of my highlights:

  • I have had loads of opportunities to complete placements around the business. This has really helped me gain more knowledge and get a better understanding of how departments work together. Through this, I have also been able to meet so many new people.
  • Throughout the programme, I have been involved in a number of Outreach events. It has been great to be able to represent Bentley at events like Careers Fairs and be able to share with students what my experience has been like.
  • I got the opportunity to plan and hold an event for a group from the Prince’s trust which was an Employability Skills day. The young people on their Princes Trust Programme got to come onsite for a day full of activities, employability workshops and tours. Not only was leading this great for my development and for building skills and confidence, but it was so rewarding to inspire these young people and be able to support them in their development too.
  • Last but not least, probably one of the most exciting, is to have experienced a track day arranged by Bentley at Oulton Park. It was so much fun to experience what our cars are capable of and drive them at speed on the circuit!