Can you tell me the salary for a position before applying?
We are unable to share salaries unless it is an intern, apprentice, undergraduate or graduate role. Each role is graded and has a broad salary band. Until we understand the skill and level of the candidate, we are unable to position where they would sit within the salary banding. However, please be assured that throughout the process the Talent Acquisition team will look to understand your current salary package, your considerations and aspirations.

How do I establish whether I am a suitable candidate to apply for the position?
The criteria for selection is outlined in the ‘About the Person’ section of the advert. We would strongly encourage you to review this section and ensure you have the required experience/qualifications and clearly outline in your CV how you meet the criteria.

The advert states that an offer would be subject to a satisfactory background check, what does a background check involve?
The background check is initiated at offer stage and the content varies dependant on the level of the role. The comprehensive background check consists of a self-declaration form, qualification check and internal checks conducted by the Bentley HR, Audit, Security, Group Central Investigation and if applicable VW Group HR. Additionally, a check is conducted by Control Risks, a VW Group appointed provider. The background checks can take between 2 and 3 weeks to complete. The data collected during the background check is transferred to your personnel file for storage.

What other checks do Bentley run?
For all candidates, at assessment/interview or offer stage we complete a right to work check. This is a legal requirement before we can employ a candidate and involves a check of your passport and /or an online digital check through the government website. For future talent roles, apprentice, undergraduate and graduate, we will collect proof of your qualifications to ensure that you meet the criteria for the qualification you have selected. There are also additional personal and professional related checks for specific roles. Candidates will be informed of the check requirements during the recruitment process. The timescale for these checks may vary.

Can I submit my CV by e mail?
We are only able to accept applications through the Bentley Careers website. You have the option to apply for a specific vacancy or register your interest by joining our talent community. By applying through the careers website your details are stored safely, in line with our data protection policy and access is restricted to the Talent Acquisition team and relevant Hiring Manager. Additionally we are able to retain your details on file and contact you should a suitable opportunity arise in the future.

Can I apply after the closing date for applications?
We are unable to accept applications after the closing date. This is to allow the recruitment process to progress to the next stage and to ensure we do not have candidates at different stages with delays.

Can someone contact Bentley on my behalf to ask about my application status?
To protect the candidate’s privacy in line with data protection legislation, we are only able to discuss an application with the candidate that has applied.

How can I track my application status?
You can track the progress of your application through the Bentley careers website. Login through the My Profile button using the email address and password created at application stage. If you have forgotten your password you can click on the Forgot My Password link and you will receive a link to reset your password. Once you have logged in, navigate to Jobs Applied and click on the arrow to open. Here you will be able to see each vacancy you have applied for and the status of your application.

How do I withdraw my application?
If you have been in discussions or invited to assessment, please contact your Talent Acquisition Advisor to advise them of your decision to withdraw. If you are at application stage, you can withdraw your application through the Bentley careers site. Follow the process for tracking your application status. When you have identified the vacancy you wish to withdraw from under Jobs Applied, click on the vacancy. Your application will open up and you will see the option to Withdraw Application on the bottom left hand side of the page.

How do I delete my candidate profile?
This can be done through the Bentley careers website. Follow the process for tracking your applications. When you are logged into your Candidate Profile page, navigate to Search Options and Privacy and open up the section using the arrow. Click on the data privacy statement, select Revoke and then select Delete All Data. This action will permanently delete your account and all applications will be withdrawn.

Can I have the name of the Hiring Manager?
We are unable to share the name of the Hiring Manager at application stage. Alongside protecting the Hiring Managers privacy, this step also supports ensuring a fair and objective process.

If I register my interest, what happens to my details?
Your details will be stored safely and in line with our data protection policy on our applicant tracking system. By registering your interest, the Talent Acquisition team will be able to compare new vacancies against your experience and contact you in the event of a suitable role arising.

What is the benefit of me signing up for job alerts?
Job alerts allow you to receive notifications when a new vacancy that meets your criteria is advertised.  By signing up for job alerts you are ensuring that you do not miss out on a suitable opportunity.

How do I sign up for Job Alerts?
Once you have created an account, click Options at the top right hand side of the page, selecting Job Alerts from the drop down list. Tick the box against “Receive new job posting notifications.” Click “Create new job alert,” entering key words and / or location. Confirm by selecting “Create Alert.” Your preferences will be saved.

What is the benefit of me signing up for marketing e mails?
We use marketing campaigns for two purposes. Firstly, to inform candidates of vacancies that may match their skillset. Secondly, to keep candidates informed about life at Bentley to maintain brand engagement and support them in preparing for any future assessments.

How do I sign up for marketing emails?
When you create an account, tick the box against “Hear more about career opportunities.”

What happens once I have submitted an application?
Applications are not reviewed until the advert has closed. Once the advert has closed, the next step is for the Talent Acquisition Advisor to complete an initial review, also known as a sift, of the applicants based on how they meet the criteria outlined in the ‘About the Person’ section. The shortlisted applicants are then reviewed and approved by the Hiring Manager. Timescales vary dependant on volume of applications and volume of vacancies.

I work for a competitor, who will see my application?
All members of the Talent Acquisition team have visibility of applications and Hiring Managers have visibility at shortlist stage. The Talent Acquisition team and all Hiring Managers are GDPR trained and informed that applications must remain confidential and only shared with those involved in the assessment and selection process. GPDR training is mandatory and completed on an annual basis.

I have applied but not had a response to my application; does this mean I have been unsuccessful?
Our timescales for reviewing and responding to applications vary depending on the number of vacancies the Talent Acquisition team is looking after. Timescales may also be impacted if the Talent Acquisition team have a high volume of applications to review or the Talent Acquisition Advisor or Hiring Manager is on holiday. Please be reassured we will respond to your application as soon as possible.

Who makes the decision on the outcome/ next step on my application?
This is a collaborative step between the Talent Acquisition team and Hiring Manager. The Hiring Manager has the final decision.

If I am unsuccessful at application stage, can I have feedback?
Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications we are unable to provide bespoke feedback at application stage. In the majority of cases, a candidate’s application is unsuccessful because their experience does not meet the selection criteria outlined in the ‘About the Person’ section.

What happens to my details if my application is unsuccessful?
Your details will be stored safely and in line with our data retention policy on our applicant tracking system. By logging into your account, you can update your details and apply for other vacancies of interest. If you have signed up for job alerts and/or marketing e mails, the Talent Acquisition team may contact you in the event of a suitable role arising.

What is the role of the Talent Acquisition team in the recruitment process?
The Talent Acquisition team work as a business partner to the business areas/departments. They play an active part in the recruitment process, ensuring both the candidate and Hiring Manager receive a best in class experience. Your Talent Acquisition Advisor will be your sole point of contact once you reach shortlist stage and will be responsible for keeping you up to date with progress, advising on next steps, sharing feedback and answering any questions you may have.

What is the role of the Hiring Manager in the recruitment process?
The Hiring Manager works in partnership with the Talent Acquisition team. They are responsible for communicating the role and candidate specification to the Talent Acquisition team, determining a candidate’s suitability through the CV review and the assessment process and answering any role specific questions the candidate may have.

What is a pre-screen telephone interview?
The pre-screen telephone interview is conducted by the Talent Acquisition Advisor responsible for the vacancy. The purpose of the pre-screen is to run through key questions in relation to motivation, salary, salary expectations, notice and a number of questions to bring your experience/CV to life. The information you share is assessed alongside your CV and supports the Talent Acquisition Advisor and Hiring Manager in assessing your suitability for assessment against the selection criteria.

What is the Bentley assessment/interview process?
The recruitment process may vary depending on the level of the role. As standard there would be a competency interview based on the Bentley behaviours and a presentation. The presentation may be prepared in advance or may be a timed task on the day of your assessment. For senior management/leadership role, a role play and second stage interview may be introduced.
We adopt a mixed mode approach to assessments based on the exercises involved and the needs of each vacancy, therefore your assessment may take place by Microsoft teams or if a practical exercise is involved you may be invited to our Crewe campus.

How can I prepare for an assessment/interview at Bentley?
We would recommend that you research Bentley. This can be done through our corporate website, our careers website and through our Bentley Linked In page. In preparation for your assessment, we highly recommend that you review our values and behaviours as they form the basis of the interview. Researching and practicing the STAR technique to answering interview questions is also recommended.
Your Talent Acquisition Advisor will provide you with an overview of the assessment format and will be on hand to support you leading up to your assessment.

How does Bentley determine the outcome of the assessment/interview process?
Following your assessment, the assessors will independently score the evidence they have collected and then come together to review and calibrate the scores. We score between 1 and 5 and look for a candidate to achieve an overall score of 3 or above in order to progress their application to the next stage.

If I attend an assessment/interview, how quickly will I know the outcome?
At the end of the assessment, we will advise with regards to timescales for feedback. There are many inter-dependencies including assessor availability and candidate availability. We look to conclude all candidate assessments before coming to a conclusion.

If I am unsuccessful at assessment/interview, will I receive feedback?
Yes, your Talent Acquisition Advisor will be in touch by telephone to share the outcome, your scores, areas of strengths and recommended areas of development; this will include any recommendations with regards to your interview technique. 

If I am unsuccessful at assessment/interview, can I apply and be considered for other vacancies?
Yes. We look at candidates holistically and do not take into account prior assessment/interview scores when reviewing new applications.

Who is my point of contact after I have received and accepted a role with Bentley?
Your Talent Acquisition Advisor will maintain contact following offer to check that you are happy with the contract details and to guide you through your resignation. Our Shared Services team will also be in touch to gather your on boarding documents and your Line Manager will keep in touch so you can start to build a relationship and network of support within Bentley.