Last month over 400 Bentley colleagues were able to take time away from handcrafting, to get behind the wheel and experience the products they work on every day.

Colleagues were first treated to a few laps around the brilliant Oulton Park track, with a range of Flying Spurs and Continental GTs on offer – including a couple of convertibles for the (mostly) beautiful conditions over the two days.

After the session on track, colleagues had the opportunity to take to the woods to the extraordinary off-road capabilities of our Bentaygas.

Many colleagues had never experienced any off-road driving, let alone in one of our cars, so were left astonished at how easily the Bentayga, with its advanced suspension and hill descent technologies, navigated the testing environment of tight spaces between trees, muddy tracks and huge bumps in the road – even on standard road tyres.

Our colleagues also got to learn more about the ten most iconic cars in our Heritage Collection.

From the 1920 EXP2 – the second Bentley ever made, the first to win a race, and the oldest surviving Bentley – all the way through to our 2016 Bentayga, and everything in between, colleagues were able to get up close to these extraordinary vehicles that they may only have ever seen previously secured in the toyboxes around site.

In addition to the Heritage Collection, we also had our brand new EWB for colleagues to get a first glimpse at.

Our 1929 Blower even got some time on the track, and it’s safe to say that everyone was able to hear it coming down the pit straight!

“For a colleague such as myself who has been assembling the seats for almost nine years, it was fantastic getting to experience our luxury product first-hand” – Tony Kavanagh, Manufacturing Colleague

“I’ve had worse days in the office! Thank you for the opportunity to experience our extraordinary products first-hand and put many years of Playstation practice to good use!” – Daniel Smith, ProductionProcesses Graduate

“A wonderful event and definitely not a bad way to start your Monday morning!” – Matt Holden, Supply Chain Planning Technical Expert

So exhilarating, and both cars returned in one piece!” – Bethan Shore, Business Improvement Manager

“An epic day with an epic brand!” – Alison Lessels, Corporate Counsel

“Working in manufacturing I get to see our cars regularly, however, this is the first time I’ve had the chance to get behind the wheel.” – Mariam Zahedi, Manufacturing Systems Functional Manager