Emission-free cars represent just one strand of our vision. Because the way they are actually built must change - and in this area, we are already leading the charge. To reflect this, we honoured our extraordinary colleagues who champion this change with the first-ever #Beyond100 awards.

Congratulations to all nominees, finalists and winners for their impactful contribution towards our #Beyond100 strategy.

We want our performance to be outstanding but our impact minimal. As a result, we are also celebrating the first anniversary of our breakthrough logistics project to significantly reduce CO2 emissions at our headquarters in Crewe. The installation of an on-site, 34,000-litre biofuel tank and pump has dramatically cut CO2 output from local logistics vehicles by 233 tonnes in just 12 months, making our in-house logistics fleet run on 100 per cent green energy.

Thank you to all our Extraordinary Colleagues and their impactful contribution.