Audi’s first ever ‘We.Together – Diversity Week’ saw a full programme of online sessions, book reviews, and talks held by our own colleague network groups – all with a spotlight on diversity.

As part of the Audi and VW Group, Bentley were proud to join their Diversity Week. Throughout the last week of May, over 80 sessions were held covering topics such as “how to be an ally”, book reviews, race, neurodiversity and everything in between. Colleagues were encouraged to join any sessions which appealed to them.

Examples of some of the talks held include a book review of ‘Invisible Women’ by Caroline Criado Perez, an online talk focusing on ‘Perspectives from working parents at Bentley’, and an Extraordinary Talk held by Tom Davies – a current Bentley employee, member of our BeReady network and Military Marines Captain. Tom used his personal military experience to navigate key themes such as military decision-making and extreme ownership as well as transitional skills within Bentley’s behaviours and values.

Many of our colleagues from Network Groups, like Tom, contributed to the sessions and talks held in Diversity Week. At Bentley, we have five Diversity Colleague Network Groups which are open to anyone.

In addition to the Audi sessions, we ran our own activity here at Bentley.  All colleagues were asked to block out one hour of their week to work through an activity that aims to raise awareness of what we can all do, as individuals and as a collective, to help drive positive change across all aspects of Diversity and Inclusion.