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Our services teams underpin the entire business, providing our legal, risk and compliance infrastructure, and through our HR teams creating the extraordinary Colleague journeys that make it possible for all of us to thrive

Our Colleagues are also our customers – we care about them and strive to create the environment where everyone is empowered to be the best they can be. Our HR teams are in the middle of a digital transformation, providing a dynamic platform offering instant support, development, training, engagement and people services, whilst our Legal and Risk & Compliance team work across the business to proactively manage and mitigate risk.


  • ‘A Colleague and I founded Bentley’s LGBTQ network – it’s another way for people joining to feel welcome’

    Adam White, HR Digital Specialist

    ‘At Bentley, we offer customers an extraordinary experience with our cars. What we are doing now is ensuring we provide that same level of extraordinary experience to our Colleagues. And that is where my role comes in as a HR Digital Specialist, helping to ensure that everyone’s career journey at Bentley – from hire to retire, if you like – is seamlessly managed.

    ‘I came to Bentley as a HR Graduate in 2018 and worked in a variety of HR teams, such as HR Operations, Future Talent and Strategy and Projects. I joined permanently in 2019. Every area of the company is being transformed by digital technology, and that’s especially relevant in HR, where our strategy is to be champions of an extraordinary Colleague experience. In 2020 I led the implementation of our new and improved digital learning platform ‘eAcademy’. This was a step change in how Colleagues are able to access innovative learning and development resources. We launched it via a mobile app, allowing Colleagues to access these resources any time, anywhere.

  • ‘We are very conscious that people who may be considering joining Bentley have a lot of choice with other companies. When interacting with any company, first impressions are crucial – they certainly were for me when I applied to join Bentley. We have to show people that they will definitely receive an extraordinary experience from Bentley.

    ‘Showing people that they will have the opportunity to develop is crucial, too. I have definitely had the chance to do that, both internally and externally. Bentley has supported me as I pursued my PRINCE2 Agile Project Management qualifications. At Bentley, you can keep learning and progressing, provided you show the initiative.

  • ‘Something else that’s always struck me about Bentley is the sense of community. We have a relatively small workforce, the majority of which is based on-site in ‘normal’ times. I’ve never felt like just a number. I don’t think many organisations can offer that feeling of familiarity and community, due to their sheer size.

    ‘Bentley’s “Diversity Wins” policy is adopted by all our managers, helping to make everyone welcome and comfortable. A Colleague and I founded Bentley’s LGBTQ+ ‘Be Proud’ network, which is growing quickly. It’s another way for people joining the company to have a network and friendship. We sponsored Cheshire East Pride in the Park in 2020. Despite COVID, we still managed to do it – the event was held digitally.’

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