It flows through the veins of the business, underpinning every part of the brand promise, from first sketch to customer experience. It’s a multi-faceted, endlessly varied world offering myriad opportunities to help deliver a real difference

At Bentley, our quality is a core value. Our nine Quality departments enrich every part of the business, attracting passionate individuals with an array of skills, from PhD scientists to computer analysts. The function focuses on areas such as Supplier Quality, the Bentley Laboratory and Product Technology. No two roles are alike, yet uniquely our teams get to work across many different areas, influencing the brand, the product and the factory.


  • ‘At Bentley you’re given the freedom to make the role your own, so there’s plenty of scope to really shine’

    John Ayton, Quality Technical Operations Manager, Production

    ‘I’ve been at Bentley for 20 years and started out as a graduate in Production, working in the Wood Shop. I love cars, and my father actually worked for Bentley back in the day, so naturally I was really excited about getting the opportunity to come here. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to experience a wide variety of jobs here, working primarily in Quality, so have had a great view of how much the company has grown over the past couple of decades.

    ‘Every single project I’ve worked on has been a highlight of my time here. I was even involved with the original Continental GT back in the early 2000s, and then worked in Germany for seven months alongside Volkswagen on the development of the first Flying Spur.

  • ‘Eventually I moved into my current role as Quality Technical Operations Manager. I work in the Production facility, ensuring the quality of the cars leaving the factory is at the standard expected of a Bentley, as well as facilitating the problem-solving process. I think what makes Quality such an interesting place to work is that it covers the entire process of designing, building and launching a car. We’re making sure the early concepts are correct, right the way through to dealing with the customers and listening to any concerns that they might have, so I’ve been involved in all of that process and at every stage of a project.

    ‘When Colleagues do leave or retire, the one thing they always say they’ll miss is the people. Everyone here is so passionate for what they do and positive about the brand. Since Bentley is a relatively small company, almost all of the departments are based on-site in Crewe. So, rather than sending someone an email, you can walk to another part of the business in a couple of minutes and have a face-to-face conversation with your Colleague – and that really adds to the Bentley culture.

  • ‘So why have I decided to stay at Bentley for such a long time? Obviously the people play a huge role, but it’s also the fact that, throughout my career here, I’ve been constantly given exciting opportunities to push and challenge myself. At a lot of places, it’s probably quite easy for a job to start feeling a bit stale if your role is restrictive, but at Bentley you’re given the freedom to make it your own, so there’s plenty of scope to really shine. It’s such a dynamic and fast-paced working environment, you will always be pushed to be as good as you can be.’

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