We call it fusion – the meeting of ultra high quality manufacturing processes and the high-technology future. Building a Bentley takes skill and craftsmanship, but also a progressive mindset. How we build is changing as much as what we build 


We have 50 Manufacturing Operative roles available for immediate start.
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Manufacturing is undergoing a step change. We’re looking for new thinkers, capable of helping us deliver an extraordinary journey for our customers, and to achieve our ambitions for the future. From site operations, logistics and production planning, through to a unique range of production processes from the early stages of design to launching of new products, the role of manufacturing is to deliver extraordinary results in everything we do. Quality is central to our remit, with Bentley’s all-important Launch Quality Centre a key function.


  • ‘If something excites you, there’s an opportunity to do it. If you want to change something, you can’

    Mariam Zahedi, Functional Manager, Bentley Manufacturing System

    ‘I joined Bentley from another automotive manufacturer in December 2019, and I will admit I did have some reservations. This company has been around for a very long time, and I was worried everyone would be set in their ways. In fact, I found the opposite was true.

    ‘Everyone at Bentley seemed not just to recognise the need for change, but to be actively striving towards delivering it. The factory was trialling new systems and new technologies. But it was more than that. Everyone seemed to be aware of the Bentley values and behaviours, and to be living up to them.

  • ‘Before, I’d worked solely within Quality departments. At Bentley, I got involved with a small team developing a strategy for manufacturing for 2025 and beyond, transforming and digitising the previous Production System into a new Manufacturing System to help deliver the factory of the future. Straight away, I got involved with lots of different departments within the company to achieve that. The system links in with all other areas, such as Logistics, Production Planning, Plant Quality and Maintenance. A year later, we rolled the project out to around 2,500 people over 48 hours. I could hardly believe I had worked on something so big and significant that changes the company and helps build the future. 

  • ‘Even in the short time I have been at Crewe, things have been changing for the better. We now have initiatives such as Women in Engineering and Pride support groups, which provide an additional support network and add another dimension to your working life.

    ‘No two days are ever the same. If there’s something that excites you, there is an opportunity to do it. If you want to change something at Bentley, you can. Everything is on one campus, and the person you need to talk to is never more than fifteen minutes’ walk away.’

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Electrical Test Planning Engineer
Electrical Test Planning Engineer Manufacturing Crewe, GB 15-May-2023
Manufacturing Crewe, GB 15-May-2023