The heart of the business beats faster as the pace of change quickens. Tomorrow’s engineers face exciting new challenges. There’s no silo mentality here – every engineering innovation reflects our wider vision of creating extraordinary journeys and extraordinary products

To us, a talented engineer understands the bigger picture. And in 2021 the picture is bigger than ever. Our challenge is to innovate, to create the new automotive future on our own terms. Learning new skills, discovering new solutions, adapting and evolving, shaping our vision. Our Engineering department encompasses all research and development functions within Bentley, from concepts and design, development and validation of parts and whole vehicles, to production ready vehicles.


  • ‘Anyone joining Bentley will have fantastic access to all the training programmes they could want’

    Gudrun Waskett, Head of Product Legislation

    ‘My role involves looking after product legislation, making sure engineering is informed of all the upcoming changes worldwide on, for example, emissions regulations, material compliance, safety and new technologies such as cybersecurity. We need to look as far forward as 2035, focusing on what is coming up in the next five to ten years.

    ‘It’s crucial to understand and comply with all relevant legislation; otherwise, the company could experience sales blackouts in specific markets. A conscientious approach and the ability to ensure you examine every single detail are crucial to success in this field.

  • ‘Fortunately, I have a strong team working for me, with members specialising in specific legislation areas while having a broad knowledge of the relevant functions at Bentley, such as Purchasing, Engineering, Manufacturing and Sales and Marketing. We also have the support of our Colleagues in the VW Group. It’s great to have the might of the VW Group behind you and the support of all those companies working in so many countries around the world, because I always believe we are stronger together.

    ‘Anyone joining Bentley will have fantastic access to all the training programmes they could want. I have been here for 20 years and progressed through the Becoming a Bentley Manager programme. There’s a vast range of opportunities on offer. I have recently returned from a three-year exchange programme with Porsche in Weissach.

  • ‘I certainly loved working back in my native Germany again, and made many good friends at Porsche with whom I am still in contact. Yet I would still say, even though it may sound like a cliché, Bentley is more like a family – it’s just so much smaller and more intimate, which means you know who to go to when you need to get things done quickly.

    ‘I do have a private life as well. I don’t live in the factory! I have two kids, but I managed to keep my career progressing at Bentley while being supported with maternity leave. I know it sounds like I am starting to read from the company handbook, but if you have the right skills, behaviours and interests, and can show that you are self-motivated and open to feedback, you can do very well at Bentley no matter who you are or where you come from.’

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Technical Manager, Aeroacoustics & NVH Simulators
Technical Manager, Aeroacoustics & NVH Simulators Engineering Crewe, GB 11-Jan-2022
Engineering Crewe, GB 11-Jan-2022
Engineer - Acoustics
Engineer - Acoustics Engineering Crewe, GB 11-Jan-2022
Engineering Crewe, GB 11-Jan-2022
Technical Manager - Architecture Management (Systems Engineering) Engineering Crewe, GB 07-Jan-2022
Technical Manager - Requirement Management (Systems Engineering) Engineering Crewe, GB 07-Jan-2022