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From helping the line run more efficiently and looking after the wellbeing of our people, to learning more about our customers and creating extraordinary experiences for them, digital technology and a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure are central to every part of the business

Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy depends on the skills of our Digital and IT teams. They are responsible for the evolution of our business, including new technologies and skillsets to transform our company and the customer experience. Our portfolio includes the creation of new digital services and business models, digital transformation and enabling systems, and innovation – right across the business.


  • ‘You feel connected here. You have a voice at Bentley, and people listen, no matter what level you are at’

    Dan Lai, Business Architect for Customer Centricity

    ‘Before I came to Bentley in 2018 I was working at a much larger automotive manufacturer, and because of the sheer scale of that company, I felt quite detached. I think coming to Bentley has been the best decision I’ve made. You feel connected here, and you feel part of a community. You have a voice at Bentley, and people listen, no matter what level you are at.

  • ‘I joined Bentley when digitalisation was very much a fledgling concept. Now it is at the heart of every single thing we do. Aligned to our Beyond100 strategy, a lot of key work streams will be enabled by digitalisation. The department is vital to make sure that Bentley keeps on moving forward. We are cross-functional across the entire business, every project we do is with a different function. So you get to learn more about their area and strive to improve their processes or features, whether that is streamlining a process, or introducing a new business capability that we’ve never had. It’s a great way to see lots of other departments and what they’re working on currently and understand what drives them as a department. We are also looking at business innovation and turning ideas into reality.

  • ‘I am responsible for managing the Digitalisation team’s portfolio. Digitalisation touches every single aspect of the Bentley business, helping departments integrate digital technology and become more efficient. We second team members to various functions as required, to work directly with Colleagues in that function so that they work together to deliver digital projects. I am also the Business Architect for Customer Centricity, overseeing the implementation of our new digital CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programme. The Customer Centricity programme will ensure that we can provide a unique personalised experience for every one of our customers. Aside from new car programmes, our new CRM programme is the largest investment Bentley has ever undertaken.

    ‘In September 2019 we took on 15 digital apprentices. Within a few weeks, they were involved in meetings at which they communicated their ideas to quite senior people. One apprentice presented information to a government minister. Our apprentices wrote and created apps that are currently used in Bentley’s response to Covid, helping to keep people safe on-site so that we can keep building cars.’

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